to the future of chocolate

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Let's travel to the cocoa territory heart.

Fino de Aroma 

We only use Fino De Aroma cocoa, a denomination directly conferred by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO).

Respect and passion

Our cocoa comes from Casa Luker plantations, a company committed in promoting a chocolate economy based on cultivation techniques that are respectful for the enviroment and value-creators for the local communities.

sustainable agroforestry system

We have always supported Granja Luker.


After drying, the cocoa beans are ready for transport. Riposte in jute bags, coming to ports from which undertaking the long journey by sea which, from equatorial plantations, bring in our production laboratories.

From Bean to bar

We do control the whole supply-chain from the cocoa beans until the chocolate bars.


A new way to enjoy chocolate.


With our passion and our inspiration, we created the Chocology, the art of mixing chocolate and embellish processing, the spectacle of flavors that comes from the encounter between the world of cocoa and that of ice cream, pastry, , cafeteria and kitchen.