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9 February 2021

A Valentine's Day to the rhythm of rap for Cioccolatitaliani

The collaboration between Cioccolatitaliani and Mondo Marcio

Cioccolatitaliani celebrates Valentine's Day with Mondo Marcio

Cioccolatitaliani celebrates the feast of lovers with an unprecedented collaboration, to say the least. Instead of the cheesy melodies and classic moods of 'sun, heart and love' songs, it will be the rhymes and beats of Mondo Marcio, the forerunner of the urban genre in Italy, that will make the hearts of choco-lovers beat at a faster rate. Old and new fans of the rap prodigy, or rather the 'God of Rap' (from the title of his famous 2019 'DdR'), by purchasing a special limited-edition Cioccolatitaliani bar, will have the extraordinary opportunity to pre-sale the new EP 'My Beautiful Bloody Break Up' ('MBBB'), and automatically have it in their libraries on Spotify and Apple Music from 15 February, the official release day.

The sound of Mondo Marcio's new album is still highly confidential, and no news leaks from his official website. The fact remains that the wait for the successor to ‘Uomo!’ (released on 8 March 2019, to coincide with Women's Day, ed.) is a lot and growing. If it is true that the central theme of 'MBBB' is love, one can indeed expect an entirely personal tale, as can already be guessed from the emblematic cover art, the work of Mark Tennant, a famous contemporary US painter. Nevertheless, Mondo Marcio ensures a lot of tenderness, even in the metropolitan nuances of a love that strikes, wounds, teaches and grows between kisses and silences: even a broken heart is ready to love again. A comeback in six tracks (seven in the physical CD/Vinyl version), united in a syncopated concept, which fans and choco-lovers alike can pre-save thanks to the bar created for the occasion by Cioccolatitaliani.

Chilli chocolate, limited edition: the Cioccolatitaliani exclusive for Mondo Marcio

And it is no coincidence that the flavour chosen to celebrate the 'romantic and spicy' collaboration is chilli chocolate. The limited edition packages will contain phrases from the lyrics of the songs of 'My Beautiful Bloody Break Up' and a QR code that will ensure that the EP can be pre-sold before 15 February. But that's not all. A number of posts and stories anticipating elements of the concept disc are already starting to appear on Mondo Marcio's IG profile today: a teasing phase that will culminate on 10 February, when Mondo Marcio will literally take over Cioccolatitaliani's Instagram profile and publish stories and personal content. And as we follow him throughout the day, as well as getting a peek into his private life - which is, as a rule, very jealously guarded - we will also have the opportunity to hear some sneak peeks of the album, directly from the voice of the artist. This will be an opportunity for Mondo Marcio 's fans to dedicate a loving phrase or passionate thought to the artist by sending it as a message to his IG profile. The most romantic phrases will receive an exclusive limited edition box resulting from the collaboration between Cioccolatitaliani and Mondo Marcio.

In short, it promises to be a very very greedy Insta Takeover. In every sense.

P.S. The special chocolate bar by Cioccolatitaliani and Mondo Marcio is available exclusively on Glovo, in the Valentine's Day ball.