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24 June 2019

Famous chocolate cakes - how much do you know about them?

From the Sacher cake to the Caprese cake, a journey into the best chocolate cakes

How the chocolate desserts you love so much are made. All the curiosities and the history of the most popular desserts in the world

If you think of a dessert, a chocolatey one will surely come to mind: from the Caprese Cake to the Sacher Torte, everyone goes crazy for chocolate desserts. But what is the origin of these famous chocolate cakes? How are your favorite chocolate desserts made?
Let's find out!

Chocolate desserts, what a passion!

There is nothing better than chocolate. We at Cioccolatitaliani are convinced of it. But we are also convinced that we are not the only ones. Upon hearing the word "dessert," how many of you immediately think of a creamy, soft chocolatey one? In order to honour all you chocolate lovers, we have decided to tell you the story and the origin of the most famous chocolate cakes (and not only cakes), who invented them, as well as, when and how the most loved and desired chocolate sweets in the world are made.

Sacher Torte, the Austrian treasure of Vienna

How many of you have already heard of the Sacher Torte? How many of you can't wait to taste it again? It is the legend of Austrian pastry, and an inimitable chocolate masterpiece that boasts a century-old history. Sacher Torte takes its name from the pastry chef who, almost by chance, invented the queen of chocolate cakes. The story goes that in 1832 Franz Sacher, court pastry chef and son of a family of hoteliers, received the order to prepare a tasty chocolate cake for the chancellor and prince Klemens von Metternich - Winneburg. Once he selected the natural ingredients from his kitchen, he invented this chocolate cake that left the chancellor speechless. The cake was named after the chef who invented it. The original recipe of Sacher Torte is kept in the very famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna. To this day, there is still a debate about who first made the cake and who keeps the real recipe. The fact is that after almost 200 years, the Sacher Torte is still ranked as one of the most famous (and best) chocolate cakes ever.

Caprese cake: from Capri to Al Capone in a bite

Even the history of the Torta Caprese has been written by chance and a matter of destiny. It was the result of a mistake by a forgetful pastry chef. The great Neapolitan pastry classic was born around 1920 in a pastry shop on the island of Capri. Pastry chef Carmine di Fiore was in his patisserie struggling to prepare a chocolate and almond cake to be served to some outlaws visiting the island of Capri on behalf of Al Capone. Perhaps a little out of anxiety, a little out of distraction, Carmine forgot to add the dose of flour set by the recipe and baked the dough. However, he immediately realized the different consistency of the baked cake. After pulling it out of the oven and tasting it, Carmine di Fiore realized that his distraction had actually led to the preparation of an amazing chocolate cake. The Caprese cake remains the icon of Capri and Italian pastry. We can understand why: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, a chocolate and almond cake perfect for breakfast, and incredible as a snack. What more can you ask for?

The Black Forest cake: the sweetest side of Germany

Several layers of chocolate, cherry filling, whipped cream, and dark chocolate curls to garnish: these are the main ingredients of the German Black Forest cake. A cake that received its name from the Black Forest, and mountainous area located in the Baden-Württemberg region. In Germany, this cake is called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, which means “Black Forest cherry cake” in honor of its filling based on Kirschwasser, a cherry liqueur typical of the area. According to most confectionery experts, the Black Forest paternity is of Josef Keller, who, in 1915 in Bad Godesberg (Bonn), baked the first Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. After military conscription years, Josef Keller returned to his city, and decided to open the Ahrend Café. It is where he invented one of the most famous chocolate cakes, which he handed down first to his assistant August Schaefer, and then to his son. The Black Forest cake became famous over time: it is estimated that the first written testimony of this dessert dates back to 1930 and that its spread in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and northern Italy became unstoppable immediately after the Second World War.

The Brownies, the Palmer Hotel sweets

Have you ever heard of Bertha Palmer? It seems that the origins of Chocolate Brownies are linked to this woman's hotel: the Palmer House Hotel, and to a particular historical period, the late 1800s. A feminist and hotelier of rare talent, Bertha, during the organization of one of the usual pool parties that she used to hold in her hotel, asked her chef to prepare a sweet snack to surprise her guests. His chef made a chocolate cake so rich in ingredients that it didn't even need icing: the Palmer House Hotel had created the first brownie in history.

Chocolate cakes: have you tried the Cioccolatitaliani ones?

Inspired by the most famous chocolate cakes and always adding an unmistakable Cioccolatitaliani touch, our pastry shop is ready to amaze you and your tastebuds with all kinds of chocolatey treats. These sweets all made by the skilled hands of our pastry chefs, and the unique ingenuity of Leonardo Di Carlo, World Pastry Champion.